Termini di servizio

To avoid misunderstandings during goods ordering You are kindly asked to read the following rules for buying from Pegasus Pharma website and confirm your agreement to them.

  1. As soon as offers to purchase goods from Pegasus Pharma are placed on the Internet, any agreement between us should be treated as Remote Agreement in accordance with the Law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" of the Republic of Latvia, paragraph 10.
  2. All prices on Pegasus Pharma website include 21% VAT. These prices do not include delivery costs.
  3. Items and delivery can be paid for by bank transfer. It is also possible to pay by payment card (only in Pegasus Pharma customer service centre).
  4. You are welcome to choose one of two ways of delivery:
    1. Economy delivery - by AS Latvijas Pasts service,
    2. Comfort delivery - by TNT Express courier service.
    3. In either case, the time for delivery should be agreed upon during order registration.
  5. Ordered items must be picked up during 3 working days after getting notified by Pegasus Pharma about order completion.
  6. Before using the delivered item, You are kindly persuaded to read its manual (instructions) carefully and use it in accordance to its purpose, features and manufacturer's recommendations.
  7. If You change Your mind and refuse to purchase ordered items, in accordance with the Law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" of the Republic of Latvia and regulating Rules #207 "On remote agreement" of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia, You have the right to break the agreement during 14 calendar days and return items purchased online to the seller. In paragraph 12, part 6 of the abovementioned Law it is stated that the buyer is responsible for goods safety and quality during the period it is eligible for being returned according to Remote Agreement. You are kindly adviced to keep the original package of the item so that it is not damaged during transportation when using Your right to return it according to Remote Agreement. Pegasus Pharma reserves the right of refusal to accept damaged item back or charging the buyer if the item is damaged, its parts missing or it has lost its original state (e.g. has been partially wasted). To agree on details of return of a product please contact us by email or phone, specifying order number and date.
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