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Pegasus-Pharma online shop is a young small-scale team of professionals whose goal is to promote Europe-USA made orthopedic and beauty products of top quality and reliability in global market.

Our company is ready to introduce to You the full range of medical products for treating arthritis of any stage and etiology as well as dietary supplements used in combination therapy for arthritis.

We sincerely hope that with a help from our company our customers will be able to get accustomed to branded goods of European quality and, as a result, to considerably improve their health and quality of life along with their relatives' health.

In our shop You will also be able to find and order different Hyaluronan-based medical products, which are vastly used worldwide nowadays in cosmetology. It is our sincere hope that our products will help You to feel younger and boost Your mood and health immediately after being applied.

All goods and products provided by our company are made in EU or USA and satisfy the most stringent requirements applicable to this kind of products in European Union.

Company information

"Centurion Medical Solutions" Ltd.
Reg. N: 40103675583, VAT: LV40103675583
Legal address: 14-2, Terbatas street, Riga,
LV-1011, Latvia
Phone: +371 678 596 24 (voicemail)

All the information is posted to our website with great thoroughness and under strict control by physicians and pharmacists. However, it can be changed with time. This is why it is always necessary to read printed instructions and indications provided with a medicine before taking it.

The customer/patient is personally responsible for choosing and taking the right medications, including those pharmaceutical products which can be ordered from the website without prescription. Diagnosis or treatment recommendations cannot be based on information taken from our website. There is no information on the website which could substitute your physician's consultation or care. The content of the website should be treated just as information for consumers provided by manufacturers or importers of medicines.

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