Attenzione degli acquirenti dagli Stati Uniti!

We are forced to announce the increase of the minimum payment for delivery of the orders up to 22EUR /a parcel (the minimum price). This increase is due to technical problems of the US Mail, which cut off an option of tracking of the registered small parcels sent from Latvia on their site some time ago. As a result, we now are not able to use this type of delivery, because now we cannot track the passage of the small parcels, as well as have no guaranteed confirmation of delivery to our customers. Once the US Mail service includes tracking of small parcels again, we will immediately reopen this option of delivery for our clients in the US, but unfortunately the exact time of this event is unknown.

On behalf of our company, we bring our sincere apologies to our customers for any inconvenience caused and hope for their understanding.

Sincerely yours, "Pegasus-Pharma '' team

Attenzione degli acquirenti provenienti da Russia e paesi della CSI!

For technical reasons we are forced to stop the option of delivery of our orders with the help of courier service TNT. The main reason for this is an extremely hindered process of Customs clearance of the consignments of the commercial express delivery services when importing goods into the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. For us this primarily leads to a significant risk of return of our parcels by the Customs back to Latvia, and for our customers - significant bureaucratic problems and delays in time of receipt of the orders.

We recommend our clients from Russia and CIS countries to select options of normal (registered) delivery by airmail or courier service EMS; according to our statistics, all the parcels sent via these channels reach the customers successfully.

We hope for your understanding of this situation.

Sincerely yours, "Pegasus-Pharma" team

Iniezioni Intra-articolari in caso di artrosi Dell'articolazione del ginocchio

Intra-articular injections are often used to provide emergency aid in case of arthrosis of the knee joint. In many cases, an intra-articular injection can indeed alleviate the condition of a patient. But at the same time the injections into the joint in case of arthrosis are made much more often than it is actually necessary. This is the trend, in our opinion wrong one, we want to talk about more. 

Most often medications of corticosteroid hormones are injected into the joint: kenalog, diprospan, hydrocortisone, flosteron, tseleston.

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Nuovo trattamento per menisco strappato

Surgeons at a United Kingdom hospital are pioneering a new treatment that they hope will prevent the development of arthritis and extend athletes’ sporting careers.

The procedure, called ABICUS (Autologous Bone Marrow Implantation of Cells University Hospital Southampton), involves coating damaged cartilage with stem cells, taken from a patient’s hip, and mixed with gels, acids and surgical glue.

During the 30-minute procedure, the bone marrow sample is spun in a centrifuge in the operating theater to create a concentrated amount of the patient’s stem cells. The cells are then mixed with platelet gel, glue and hyaluronic acid to create a substance which is painted over the cartilage defect and allowed to set.

Microfracture is currently the most commonly used procedure to repair knee injury. This involves trimming damaged tissue and drilling holes in the bone beneath the defect via keyhole surgery to promote bleeding and scar tissue to work as a substitute for the meniscus.

Patients who undergo the ABICUS operation have their cartilage cut and also undergo microfracture but then have their remaining tissue treated with the stem cell applications.

Gorav Datta, a consultant orthopedic surgeon at Southampton General Hospital and the study’s principal investigator, said, “The development of this technique and the study we are conducting could revolutionize the treatment of common cartilage injury by creating a like-for-like, identical cartilage replacement for the first time.”

Around 10,000 people a year in the UK suffer cartilage damage serious enough to require treatment. Victims experience pain, “locking” and reduced flexibility. If left untreated, it can progress to arthritis and severely impair leg movement.



Aggiornamento delle informazioni di consegna

Dear customers!

We want to inform you that UPS Courier delivery of our products has been suspended due to technical reasons; you can order the shipping to any point of the world by EMS Latvian Post currently. All parcels will be delivered door-to-door, have tracking number and are fully insured as well. 

We want to bring you our sincere apologies for inconvenience, we will be able to offer you wide range of delivery options soon, such as: 

  • Registered airmail (worldwide)
  • DPD parcel (for customers in EU)
  • TNT Express and Economy Express (fastest way of delivery to any point of the world).

We promise to notify you immediately when new updates become active. In case you need the urgent shipping right now, please contact our staff via e-mail and we will arrange TNT Courier delivery for you for an additional fee. 

Faithfully yours,
“Pegasus-Pharma” Team

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