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Attention of the buyers from the United States!

We are forced to announce the increase of the minimum payment for delivery of the orders up to 22EUR /a parcel (the minimum price). This increase is due to technical problems of the US Mail, which cut off an option of tracking of the registered small parcels sent from Latvia on their site some time ago. As a result, we now are not able to use this type of delivery, because now we cannot track the passage of the small parcels, as well as have no guaranteed confirmation of delivery to our customers. Once the US Mail service includes tracking of small parcels again, we will immediately reopen this option of delivery for our clients in the US, but unfortunately the exact time of this event is unknown.

On behalf of our company, we bring our sincere apologies to our customers for any inconvenience caused and hope for their understanding.

Sincerely yours, "Pegasus-Pharma '' team

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